Saturday, July 10, 2010

My New Dell Studio Laptop!

I didn’t necessarily need a new laptop because the one I have is just fine, but like all tech heads when you see a good deal…well you can’t pass it up right?  A co-worker of mine is hoping aboard the black and white ship known as Apple and therefore decided to sell his Dell Studio Laptop 1537.  I’ve only been on it for two days but I can already tell you that this thing is a CHAMP!  The screen is almost twice as bright as my last laptop.  In fact, it’s so bright that I only have the brightness turned up halfway.  Otherwise it looks like I’m constantly stepping into the light!  Oh and speaking of light, the keyboard on this bad boy lights up.  Yeah that’s right, it lights up!  How often do you see that on a laptop ‘ey? 

Dell Studio Laptop

Big ups to CLive for providing me with this laptop.  He’s quite the artist too!  I’d put a link but he moved his Blogspot without telling people…smh…



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